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Differential Codes


To find the differential codes take the rear cover off the rear end and look for some numbers stamped into the outside of the ring gear. If your gears have not been changed these codes may be on the right axle tube next to the differential.

1979 Codes

Code  Open/Limited slip Gear Ratio
2PJG Open 2.41
2PSG Limited Slip 2.41
2PHG Open  2.56
2PTG Limited Slip 2.56
2PCG Open  3.08
2PWG Limited Slip 3.08
2PDG Open 3.23
2PXG Limited Slip 3.23
2PY Limited Slip 3.42


Code  Open/Limited slip Gear Ratio
2PJ Open 2.41
2PS, 5PV Limited Slip 2.41
2PH Open 2.56
2PT Limited Slip 2.56
2PC Open 3.08
2PW Limited Slip 3.08

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