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Tony's 1976 455 T/A


*H.E.I. custom curved by Performance Distributors to 22deg @ 3000RPM + 12deg initial = 34deg total all in by 3000RPM.     
*Jacobs Ultra Pro Street Pak, digital multi-spark unit with 65,000 volt external coil and rev limiter.                                                                                                                        Spark plugs Champion RV15YC6 gapped to .060

Induction;                                                                                                                                                                                                                               *modified shaker assy using electric solenoid actuated cool air door.
* K & N - 14 x 3" filter element and Extreme filter element lid.
* 1976 800cfm Q-jet modified By Cliff Ruggles,                                                              

Jet #77

Primary rod 52M

secondary rods 0.044              

Electric Mallory 140 pump and fuel tank sump with complete -8An fuel system regulated to 6PSI just before carb.  


1969 Cast 4-BBL Intake, port Matched and 4-hole plenum milled out to resemble standard aftermarket dual plane and using   4-hole carb spacer, intake flows well up to 5700 while maintaining good port velocity.  

Cylinder Heads:

* 6X heads Street Ported by Barney Moravets out of San Antonio TX  with center exhaust ports separated and heat crossover blocked, 2.11" 1.77" Ferrea S/S valves, solid bronze guides and KRE Spring loaded positive stem seals on IN and EX. 

Short Block:
* 455ci bored .030"
* Forged flat top pistons #L2359F30.
* Total Seal Gapless second ring pack.

* Stock rods with ARP rod bolts.  

Reciprocating assy balanced by Ted Eaton out of Lorena Tx.  

Block decked and squared to achieve deck height average of 0.003 using head gasket with crush thickness of .039 for quench of .041                            

Static Compression Ratio aprox  9.72:1.  


Custom Grind solid lifter with 230/242 @ .050, gross duration 280/288,  L/S 110, cam ground 110+4=106 I/C, total lift .499.505  installed on a 106 I/C  Rocker arms: HS 1.65 IN and HS 1.51 EX.

Lash 0.026cold,  JPB 9.300 pushrods.  

Tried 1.65 on IN and EX but idle vac was a low 11 HG in gear and very choppy idle, engine feels stronger and very throttle responsive with 1.51 on Exhaust only and vacuum restored to 17 HG @ 850 RPM idle in neutral and 14 HG @ 650 in gear. 

Headers:Hedman 4-tube headers 1 " primaries into 3" collectors, great fit!  

Exhaust Pipes:

Dr Gas 3 duals into 2 behind X-pipe into Walker Dynomax Super Turbo Hemi Mufflers and out with mandrel bent 2 1/2" back pipes into chrome split tips. Excellent system! Works great for my combo!  

Drive train:
*Continental 10 with 2800-3000 stall, TCI Street Fighter TH-350 and B & M ratchet shifter.
10 bolt posi with 3.55 gear, Moser axles, and rear disk brakes

Factory driveshaft with high strength u-joints and driveshaft loop, polyurethane bushings in leaf spring eyes, axle perch pads, and rear sway bar bushings. Nice and tight, no squirm, no wheel hop.  


28X10X15 Goodyear Eagle 1 /Nascar Racing Slicks @ 12PSI,  

Desktop Dyno Calculations Predict;

463 HP @ 5000 RPM

533 LBS TQ @ 3500 RPM

 Best time using Solid Cam with 2800 stall , 12 PSI Slicks.

12.9429 ET @ 105.12 MPH  

I drive this T/A daily to commute and it has great throttle response, overall power, and decent fuel efficiency. Also can run 87 octane hard on street with initial timing 12 deg for a total of 34deg at 3000RPM.



This very nice 1976 455 T/A  is owned by Tony


Feel free to drop me a note. * I am looking for some good articles for the third and fourth gen birds. If you have any that you would like to see on this site send them to me and I will post them on my site.     

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  • The author claims no responsibility for the info contained in these pages. 
  • If unsure of any tip or modification seek a professional for the job.
  • In some states this may violate pollution laws
  • Check with your state on the laws.
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